Steam Hose

Art.Nr. JD03A0F/JD03AU0

The steam hose is a unique part to the Thermostar that can be useful for various cleaning areas in the household or in a professional environment. There is also a useful handle on the steam hose that you can incorporate and control various tools. 

The steam-outlet switch is located at the bottom of the handle. It’s easily reached by the index finger and therefore easy to press during operation, and has a locking lever in front for your own safety. You can start cleaning with a low level of steam, especially when operating on sensitive materials such as wood or silicone joints. A higher steam level is recommended for stubborn stains.

The second switch allows you to get hot water supply directly from the appliance. This feature is unique in the market and can be useful for various cleaning areas. However, please note that the water is very hot and ensure never to point the nozzle at people or other living beings. 

Cleanness for a lifetime!