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Safe disinfection – the natural way

The spread of bacteria and viruses is increasing rapidly worldwide due to global networking and hygiene has become more than just removing dust and dirt! Toxic chemical substances not only kill off pathogens, but they also put a strain on our body‘s immune system, skin and lungs.

So, how can you clean and disinfect hygienically without harming the environment and your own health? We have made it our mission to find an answer.
The HB Solution is our answer for perfect hygiene at home and in business. Thorough cleaning with dry steam ensures that surfaces are optimally cleaned and prepared, and the specially developed HS Blaster turns your heat cleaner into a disinfectant nebuliser in one easy step, making optimum use of the high steam pressure.

We have used nature as our inspiration! If required, a highly oxidative cocktail of oxygen, hydrogen and chlorine-based chemicals is produced in our immune cells in a fraction of a second, which our body uses to eliminate pathogenic microbes. HB Solution was developed via this method: 100% free of toxic signs - with maximum effect!


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HB Solution means safe and sustainable disinfection at home and in business

We provide you a highly effi cient product that optimises the use of water and energy, reduces emissions from wastewater and conserves natural resources. It does not contain any ingredients that are dangerous for humans and animals, is free of additives and allergens and therefore biologically and toxicologically completely harmless.

Systemic disinfection

With our products you acquire all the building blocks for successful and efficient disinfection. First of all, clean deep into the pores with dry steam; the morethoroughly a surface is cleaned, the more eff ective the disinfection. Simply connect the HS Blaster to your steam hose and spray the HB Solution from a distance of approx. 20 cm with Steam Level 1. The unique composition of HB Solution and the special hot atomisation system in the HS Blaster means that the mixture is dosed exactly so that the full disinfection effect is preserved, but the steam is atomised and sprayed optimally.

The resulting reproduction of antimicrobial processes in human cells ensures that HB Solution is completely safe for humans and animals, and so that bacteria and viruses will not be able to develop a resistance.

Please refer to the label for ingredients and detailed instructions for use. Simply download the PDF by clicking on the picture!

Cleanness for a lifetime!