The importance of purified, refreshed, and humidified air for our well-being cannot be overstated. In times when more people than ever are affected by allergies and respiratory diseases, the awareness for natural hygiene is increasing.

Thermostar has been cleaning your entire household for many years, all without leaving any harmful chemical residues in the air or on surfaces. But did you know that you can also use the vaporiser to perfectly clean and freshen the air within your own four walls? The high temperatures in the steam eliminate all germs. The result is fine, clean water vapor that perfectly humidifies your rooms in no time at all.

With the new Naturesse product line, you can now do even more:

Bring nature into your home

100% pure essential oils - processed with highest quality in Austria - are mixed into perfectly coordinated fragrances. Behind this is an incredible amount of attention to detail and over 40 years of experience with aromatherapy and the effects of essential oils on our body. All Naturesse oils are unique and are mixed exclusively for Thermostar. Special attention is paid to the fine interplay between an extraordinary fragrance experience and a holistic effect.
Naturesse accompanies you throughout the year with limited editions.

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Shinrin Yoku – forest bathing

Inspired by this Japanese healing method, we have developed our branded fragrance FOREST. Shinrin Yoku was developed by scientists and doctors in the fight against modern, stress-related diseases of civilisation such as depression, high blood pressure and burnout. Above all, it means shifting down a gear and relaxing. Where better to do that than in the untouched nature of our forests?

But it's not just the clean air and the tranquillity of the forest that help our health. The essential oils of trees and plants contain innumerable health-promoting terpenes and terpenoids, which reach the bloodstream via our olfactory sense and the limbic system and have been shown to reduce stress hormones and stimulate the body's self-healing powers, as well as lowering blood pressure.

After just one day of forest bathing, our immune system is strengthened by 40% and this effect lasts for 1 week. If you go into the forest 2 days a week - regularly and over a longer period of time - the body forms 100% more killer cells and life expectancy increases significantly!

With the Thermostar vaporiser and Naturesse you can experience this effect within your own four walls. With regular use, you will notice how much cleaner and fresher the air is, and the amount of fine dust in the home is also reduced. You can breathe more freely and the essential oils make you healthy at the same time!

The fourth pillar of sustainable hygiene

In addition to cleaning, disinfecting and sealing with Thermostar, all without harmful chemicals, we have now come full circle with Naturesse. Holistic aromatherapy meets the unmatched air-purifying effect of Thermostar dry steam technology:
Sustainable hygiene for mind and soul with Thermostar Naturesse.

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